An overview of the bike helmet safety and the traumatizing bike accident

Critical motorcycle safety equipment can save the lives of both the rider and the passenger. From basic equipment like helmets-to more specialized safety equipment like abrasion resistant riding pants-the following list of 4 essential pieces of protective gear for motorcycle riders can save you from serious bodily injury, and even save your life.

An overview of the bike helmet safety and the traumatizing bike accident

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An overview of the bike helmet safety and the traumatizing bike accident

Aust N Z J Surg.The first mandatory bicycle helmet laws that went into effect in California in and New York in applied only to young children who were passengers on a bike.

Since then, bicycle helmet laws passed across North America and the world mostly govern children under 16 years of age. These laws are increasingly contentious. Bicycle Injuries: Would they have been prevented with a helmet?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in , 91% of all bicyclists killed in an accident were not wearing a helmet. That means out of the riders who were killed that year, of them weren’t wearing a helmet.

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Never ride without wearing a helmet that is federally approved for safety. Ride with the flow of cars, not against traffic. Dealing with injuries from a bike accident can be traumatizing, and you.

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% Satisfaction Guarantee. In contrast to the most bicycle-friendly countries, which have achieved high rates of safe cycling not through widespread adoption of bicycle safety helmets, but through bicycle-friendly infrastructure and policy, the US appears to have maintained a greater fixation on, and a higher rate of use of, bicycle helmets.

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration’s (MDOT SHA) bicycle safety education effort includes both bicyclists and drivers. They are all volunteers who bike regularly, either for commuting or recreation.

They are also sons and daughters, moms and dad, friends, neighbors and coworkers. Wear a helmet.

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