Anything goes

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Anything goes

Where did you get the fabric from? I love the fabric! Sam November 13, at What kind fabric did you use to make these?

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Reply Pink February 16, at I used spilt peas and the warmth only last for 3 minutes about. I dont have rice is there anything else i could use? Olivia December 1, at use Anything goes stones cat December 24, at wheat Pedvo December 18, at cherry seeds are great for this Siena November 19, at would quinoua work instead of rice?

Reply sarah August 18, at I used wheat berries for tactle play with my kiddos, I bet they would work. Laurel February 20, at Lavender is a very common addition to rice heating pads. Some people use flax seed. They say it has a better smell.

Any of the grains will have an oder. It dissipates with time.

Anything goes

Anna December 10, at Lavender Reply amaryllis March 1, at I have some of those and they work well. Also make sure that all friends who walk dogs have them. This caution is in case you are using scraps from around the house. I bet a little essential oil would work too!

I make mine big for heating pads. Some are long and skinny to wrap around necks. Nice work on these little ones! Reply denise keywood March 18, at You can also use shucked corn, which can be found at co-op and around deer season to fill the hand warmers. Works the exact same way.

I prefer the corn over the rice but now living in the city its a might harder to find. Love love the idea. Crystal April 21, at Was just wondering, how long does the heat stay with these? BTW, these are adorable!! Reply rae December 20, at Hi Crystal!

That being said, I think people have shared other ideas in the comments if you have a second to browse? Pretty sure you can add lavender or essential oils to make them smell pretty too. This is why the smell get worse.

Also a fire risk. Also a rodent magnet. Use small gel packs instead. My grandmother made these and I still have one and still use it.

Once the corn or rice is heated the bacteria is killed. They used to lay them in an iron cooking pot close to the fire to heat them up and take to the fields on cold mornings.

Reply cathy November 18, at You have to use long grain rice not instant.

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Also I make a small muslin bag and fill that with the rice then make a removable cotton cover so you can take the cover off and wash it.

I have also used barley or ground, dried corn cobs available in the pet department. If sealed they are safe and rodent free unless your house is swarming with them.Anything goes! The S.S. American is preparing to set sail from New York to England.

Billy Crocker, a young assistant to Wall Street tycoon Elisha J.

Anything goes

Whitney, a . I enjoyed reading Anything Goes. I loved the portrayal of Lily and her brother Robert who've seen better times. In the beginning of the story, the two reside in a very cramped apartment after having previously lounged in the lap of luxury/5(78).

―Willie Scott Anything Goes was a song by Cole Porter. Anything Goes is a song that plays on Galaxy News Radio in Fallout 3, on Diamond City Radio in Fallout 4 and on Appalachia Radio in Fallout Background Edit This is the title song from the musical Anything Goes, by Cole Porter ().

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This month’s theme and monthly prize. Anything Goes + a stamp. Sep 23 – Sep Welcome!! I’m getting up and running a little late today because I had a big stamping gathering at my home yesterday and posted my Virtual Open House event here – during the normal time I’m posting this challenge!

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