Cisco systems web enablement

Hire Writer This plan consisted of four steps:

Cisco systems web enablement

His plans included creating a one-stop shop for business networks by creating a comprehensive product line, to make acquisitions an efficient business process, to create industry-wide software standards for networking, and to choose the right strategic partners.

All of these efforts would change the way companies and industries operated by creating an infrastructure of networked voice, data and video.

The main focus, however, was on the end result, which was high customer satisfaction. In addition to planning for the business improvement and process continuity they would eventually enjoy, Cisco focused on improving internal communications and web access of information for their employees.

With the enhancement of their intranet and communication capabilities, employees from all regions could pull real-time reports, monitor live corporate information, and join meetings more effectively.

This increase in data at their fingertips led to increased employee satisfaction. When employees are happy, it tends to influence their motivation to work hard and remain loyal to their jobs, ultimately resulting in increased corporate profitability and success.

Enhancements to the external Need essay sample on "Cisco Systems: Customers were now able to resolve technical issues via web-based support, and this led to happier customers, and more profitability by those who were more likely to remain loyal to Cisco. The case analysis to follow ventures into more depth with some of these web enhancements and business processes that made Cisco what it is today, one of the great providers of web-connected business applications.

Why did they do that? How did standardized web protocols contribute to the success of these efforts? They wanted to be ahead of the industry in terms of speed, delivery methods and customer service.

They did this by revolutionizing the existing processes and creating new end-to-end capabilities for Cisco customers, partners, suppliers and employees. The web enhancement focused on several internet and intranet web applications. Communication and Distance Learning — It enhanced the ability to communicate with employees and added an important dimension to training where distance learning was made available to its employees.

It also allowed Cisco to focus on its customers where the Cisco website would be used to diagnose and answer customer issues worldwide. Supply Chain Management — This allowed for the automation of tracking, new product introduction, testing, direct fulfillment and dynamic replenishment. Standardization of internet business solutions across functional areas allowed for Cisco to become a true global-networked IT company by increasing their competitive advantage and shareholder value.

They decided to manufacture its product line through the process of standardization, which set industry wide software principles for networking.

One of the main successes of standardization was the acquisition process. Most acquisitions were fully integrated within days. Cisco acquired many small and medium size businesses that brought technology into its product line.After working with Microsoft, Cisco was able to create an Industry standard for security over the network while working with other companies to boost Internet services and .

Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate, and collaborate. Cisco's network-centric platform is changing the way we work, live, play and Partner Enablement Manager at . A consolidated version of the Cisco Systems Cisco Systems, ERP and web-enablement cases.

Designed to be taught in one class session (if two classes are available, it is recommended that Cisco ERP systems are used for a meeting followed by Cisco Systems Web-enablement). Led cross-functional teams to develop sales enablement materials.

We Are Cisco. You Can Be, Too.

Creatively developed solutions to deliver information to a global, mobile workforce. Developed tools and technical collateral using a variety of media types to help customers, partners, and internal sales associates understand both the technological and the business value of.

Cisco systems web enablement

• Supporting customers’ Training, Enablement and Roadshow Cisco Systems. Public profile badge. Include this LinkedIn profile on other websites. Amber Ang. APJ Storage Sales Lead BDM @ Cisco DataCenter. Cisco. Amazon Web Services: Networking. Viewers: Learning Salesforce. Best Sales Enablement Software Sales enablement software provides a repository for marketing collateral and sales playbooks to supply sales representatives with content that is productive, useful, and opportune during all aspects of the selling cycle.

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