Employee portfolio essay

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Employee portfolio essay

Two employees have recently taken a series of tests to determine specific characteristics and how they are relative in their performance in the company. The self-assessment tests were focused on Job satisfaction, emotional state, and employee communication.

The results of the test will be revealed showing the analysis of the topic in addition to our recommendation to improve upon employee motivation.

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We will write a custom essay sample on Employee Portfolio Management Plan Order now More Essay Examples on The results show that George Green scored low on his exam and his emotional state can fluctuate from mime to time due to lack of Job satisfaction.

However, the assessment also shows that George also needs to have more responsibilities that will allow him to remain engaged with his duties. The results for Lanai Lambent show that she is a high Job satisfaction in addition to being highly motivated and engaged in her work while Employee portfolio essay in a positive emotional state.

Job Satisfaction Job satisfaction is the validation one holds in their Job. This also Employee portfolio essay lead to a low absenteeism and turnover which in turn is valuable to the many. George Green on the hand does not exhibit a high level of Job satisfaction which will present the opposite affect with a higher absenteeism and turnover rates while shows a high satisfaction in his Job performance and completes his duties in timely fashion.

This shows that George could benefit from a position that would be able to further challenge him in addition to becoming more satisfied with position at the company.

This is because George has the ability to become a major part of the company but due his lack of Job satisfaction we need to know what are his priorities when comes to work. I not satisfied with his Job position I adheres to the rules and regulations I praises which can conflict with his I I here at the company.

This can lead to I elaborateness and turnover. I mindset at work. I Aim I Engaged? I George scored a 33 from a range scale I George is hard worker who completes I George lacks purpose in his work which I nine to 45 which shows a high I his tasks no matter the circumstances.

Competencies I range scale which shows more positive I manner and shows I better of him which leads into a than negative but there is I achieving his objectives.

I emotions I decrease work performance from him. I I I room for improvement. I range scale which shows a slightly I co-workers which the ability o work lat times who is unsure what he intensity.

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I with other people. I high emotional I believes in and passionate about. I range scale which is an indicator idolatrous settings and can complete his I times which can sometimes show I I I he has a balanced emotional I goals even when faced with adversity. I negatively on the company.

Seven to 35 which shows that George is people on relative level and has to Tit his rash decision making. Communicate clearly and I I balanced in his decision-making skills liability to I but needs improvement. George is hard working employee who could benefit from a position that has more responsibility involved but would still need oversight.

He completes his assignment within their deadlines however he can become distracted when not motivated.

Witt rash decision making nee would tit into a m level managerial position. I interest in their Job that leads to I position in company and she works well I lack compassion for others at times I I I low absenteeism and turnover.

I alone as well as with others. Have I I leadership qualities. I Lanai scored a 35 out of nine to 45 Lanai is always energize and ready I Lanai may become too engaged her I I range scale which shows high level of I tackle daily tasks in addition to I work.

I interest in their work. Setting goals and exceeding them. I range scale which that she is in an I positive manner which allows her to lee want to hear rather than her I upbeat and positive state of mind. Complete her assignments quickly and I current state of mind.

She is valuable Company. I I balanced level of intensity.

Employee portfolio essay

Every useful to the company. Choose Type of service.Essay on Mgt Employee Portfolio: Motivation Action Plan Words | 3 Pages.

University of Phoenix Material Employee Portfolio: Motivation Action Plan Determine the motivational strategy or strategies that would likely be most appropriate for each of your three employees on basis of their individual characteristics. Indicate how you would.

Essay about Working with Employees Portfolio. Working with Employees Portfolio PSY/ Working with Employees Portfolio “A manager, who is generally the head of a department or functional area within an organization, has specific responsibilities depending on the needs of his or her organization” (Heathfield, ).

With this bal need style he is more stable and consistent on his decisions. Now his last assessment shows that he is more emotional.

Employee portfolio essay

He has a positive emotion which is positive one encountering customers and keeps a stress-free area. Free Essay: University of Phoenix Material Employee Portfolio Complete one matrix for each employee. Employee name: _Bryan_____ Self Assessment Results. Oct 23,  · a person i admire essay online help for writing essays Proofreading vacancy in delhi ncr and Thesis topics employee motivation in help to students The historical motivation employee topics thesis dialogue has further led to the normative nature of human action, thought, and emotion.

Which indicates that and shows why he is hardly ever absent from work and would be very unlikely for him to leave the organizationBryan works great with others and is a great leader to have around groups, especially the newer employee’s because he has such a positive outlook on life in general.

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