Hematology report essay

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Hematology report essay

Free Essays 2 Comments Free example essay on Hypertension: Hypertension is a very common condition. It affects up to ten percent of adult Americans. Factors associated with hypertension are age, family history, and race.

Older people are more likely to get it and blacks or more likely to get it than whites. If high blood pressure is left untreated it increases the risk of stroke and other disorders.

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During one beat, pressure varies between systolic and the diastolic pressures. The systolic pressure is the maximum pressure attained as blood surges into the arteries. The diastolic pressure is the lowest value to which the pressure drops.

We can write a Custom Essay on Hypertension for you! There are not but a few symptoms for hypertension. A severe case can cause confusion and seizures. Mild high blood pressure may respond to weight reduction and a reduction in personal stress.

Hematology report essay

Factors such as nicotine in tobacco cause artery constriction and a short-term in blood pressure that may worsen hypertension. High blood pressure is linked to obesity and to people who eat a lot of salt. Hypertension sometimes develops in women who are taking birth control pills.

Smoking and the drinking of alcohol also aggravate the effects of high blood pressure. Stress acts on the nervous system, causing blood vessels to constrict and the heart to work harder. Both lead to a temporary rise in blood pressure. The things that equal stress are worry, frustration, and disappointment.

A majority of people have no obvious cause for there elevated blood pressure, in such cases it is called essential hypertension.

In about ten percent of patients a definite cause can be found such as kidney failure, pregnancy, use of oral contraceptives, and disorder of the adrenal glands.

Usually by the time people feel it necessary to see a doctor, their blood pressure is high indeed. Blood pressure problems affect many people and are a major cause of ill health. Blood pressure is measured when the person is relaxed.

In severe cases admission to the hospital for investigation of the cause, emergency treatment, and bed rest are all required. Some self help and treatment are regular screening of blood pressure which is important for early diagnosis and can help prevent complications.Essay UK offers professional custom essay writing, dissertation writing and coursework writing service.

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Diet analysis essay example. A diet a person takes is nutritionally balanced if it comprises appropriate levels of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, and mineral contents.

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Diet analysis is a way of checking these levels in a diet, and suggesting that diet as either healthy, or not. Vaginal yeast infection is a common fungal infection of the genitals. It causes inflammation, irritation, itching, and vaginal discharge. It most commonly affects women, but men can get it too.

Mar 29,  · LAB REPORT ON LACTATE THRESHOLD. The workload corresponding to the lactate threshold and onset of blood lactate accumulation has previously been quantified using lactate tests incorporating stage increments. Posted at AM in Essay Samples, Healthcare Essays, Human Resource Management, Management Essays.

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