How to write a newspaper editorial article

An editorial is a newspaper article that expresses one's opinion. An editorial can be about any topic, but is usually written about an issue that deals with our society. To build credibility, the opinion in the editorial must be backed up with facts and evidence to substantiate your opinion.

How to write a newspaper editorial article

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how to write a newspaper editorial article

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Article marketing is free! Writing an article is not as hard as most people think. You are not writing a dissertation but a simple and informative article. Below are ten steps to help you write a more successful article.

Most people will decide to read an article or not just by the title. Be specific in what your article is about. How to Grow Vegetables vs. I know I would read the second one.

Topic of Interest Be sure to choose topics that people will want to know about. Do some research to see what questions people are asking. Visit forums, groups, social sites and see what needs to be addressed.

See what the buzz is about and write your article accordingly. Easy to Understand There is no need to write a college dissertation. Use short, easy to understand sentences.

Use 5th grade level words to be sure everyone who reads your article will understand what you are talking about. Easy to Read Going along with the short easy to understand sentences, keep your paragraphs short but informative.

Leave plenty of white space so reading your article is not hard on the eyes. Relevant Keywords Research keywords when writing your article.Article Review Samples Reviewing an article is not as easy as it sounds: it requires a critical mind and doing some extra research.

Check out our article review samples to gain a better understanding of how to review articles yourself. The woman walked into the newsroom, handed the editor her story, gave him a quick smile and left.

He laid the story down and continued typing on an editorial. Welcome to News Writing With Scholastic Editors. In the first part of this workshop, we will read a news article and a feature story article. Then you'll get suggestions from our experienced team of writers from Scholastic's Magazine Group on how to write your very own news article.

Writing a News Report Created by: Dale Simnett and Darren Reed Formatted by R Fracchioni 9 Write a byline 9 Create a placeline • You must relate your newspaper report to both the headline and the picture.

Purpose and Audience.

Getting students to write a newspaper article has been a challenge for me.

To write that sort of summary, you will read the whole article through and then write only the main idea in a few sentences. You may also be required to explain how you are going to use that article in .

Writing a Newspaper Article Student Handout Creating a Newspaper Article 1. Outline the purpose of your article 2.

Choose an article topic 3. Research the article 4. Write the article 5. Edit the article - have a friend proofread it 6.

Rewrite the article and type it on the computer 7. Do a spell check 8.

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