Inventory control at wheeled coach inc

As a Wheeled Coach dealer in North Carolina and South Carolina, we currently operate a state of the art repair facility capable of any repair to a Wheeled Coach product, including frame and chassis modification, not limited to collision repairs, custom, and restoration work. Our team of highly trained experts is with you from design, purchase and service throughout the life of your Wheeled Coach experience. Inthe first building was erected on the property.

Inventory control at wheeled coach inc

Wheeled Coach Industries, Inc. Defendant-appellant Wheeled Coach Industries, Inc. After careful review, we affirm. We begin by summarizing briefly the relevant facts as found by the district court.

Wheeled Coach, a Florida corporation, manufactures ambulances for sale throughout the United States. Until the events that brought about this suit, Re-Ace had been involved in every sale of a Wheeled Coach ambulance in Puerto Rico.

Inventory control at wheeled coach inc

The parties' relationship, which proceeded uninterrupted for over two decades, was organized thus: Re-Ace promotes and closes the sales contracts for Wheeled Coach ambulances with both private and governmental clients.

Re-Ace does not keep an inventory of Wheeled Coach ambulances, in order to avoid excise taxes and because all ambulances are custom-made by Wheeled Coach to meet the specifications of each client. Re-Ace determines the final sales price of the ambulances and thus determines its own profit — the difference between the final sales price and the list price for the ambulance set by Wheeled Coach.

Wheeled Coach also pays a standard commission to Re-Ace of four hundred dollars per ambulance sold.

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Re-Ace is responsible to the clients for the delivery of the ambulances and may be subject to penalties for delay. Re-Ace is responsible for collecting the clients' payment for the ambulances and must pay Wheeled Coach if an order is subsequently cancelled. Re-Ace is responsible for servicing and honoring the warranty claims of Wheeled Coach's Puerto Rico clients.

Over the years, Re-Ace has developed a substantial market for Wheeled Coach ambulances in Puerto Rico and is identified as Wheeled Coach's distributor and representative on the island.

This arrangement proceeded on the basis of an oral contract untilwhen the parties executed an Exclusive Distributor's Agreement granting Re-Ace exclusive distribution rights for Wheeled Coach ambulances in Puerto Rico.

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InWheeled Coach sent Re-Ace a new proposed agreement that would have, among other things, made the relationship non-exclusive. Re-Ace rejected this agreement and business went on as usual. On March 14,Re-Ace commenced this action seeking injunctive relief and recovery of damages for an alleged illegal termination of an exclusive distribution agreement in violation of Law A preliminary injunction hearing was held on May 13, On June 25,the district court issued a preliminary injunction ordering Wheeled Coach to reinstate the exclusive distribution agreement with Re-Ace and enjoining Wheeled Coach from entering into or maintaining any distribution agreement with third parties.

On July 8,Wheeled Coach moved for reconsideration, requesting that the district court vacate the injunction.

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Law 75 was enacted "to remedy the abusive practices of suppliers who arbitrarily eliminated distributors after they had invested in the business and had successfully established a market in Puerto Rico for the supplier's product or service.

To this end, Act 75 regulates the termination of a supplier's relationship with a dealer, providing that, regardless of any unilateral right to terminate present in a contract, "no principal or grantor may directly or indirectly perform any act detrimental to the established relationship In any litigation in which there is In any case in which the provisional remedy herein provided is requested, the Court shall consider the interests of all parties concerned and the purposes of the public policy contained in this chapter.

This court has jurisdiction to hear interlocutory appeals of preliminary injunction orders under 28 U. In reviewing a preliminary injunction, "we scrutinize abstract legal matters de novo, findings of fact for clear error, and judgment calls with considerable deference to the trier.

Despite Wheeled Coach's contentions to the contrary, our review of the evidence before the district court at the preliminary injunction hearing fails to indicate clear error in the district court's findings of fact.

Law 75 defines a dealer as a "person actually interested in a dealer's contract because of his having effectively in his charge in Puerto Rico the distribution, agency, concession or representation of a given merchandise or service.

A dealer's contract is defined as a "relationship established between a dealer and a principal or grantor whereby and irrespectively of the manner in which the parties may call, characterize or execute such relationship, the former actually and effectively takes charge of the distribution of a merchandise, or of the rendering of a service, by concession or franchise, on the market of Puerto Rico.

Both federal and Puerto Rico courts have recognized that this broad definition of a dealer "encompasses a wide range of actors within the distribution process and threatens to extend Act 75's protective sweep well beyond the end that the statute sought to achieve.

Jun 14,  · Inventory Control at Wheeled Coach Ambulance Inventory management for small business. Wheeled Coach Transit Ambulance Unit - Duration: united inventory control inc joliet st unt r united leasing inc. e morgan ave wheeled coach industries inc n forsyth rd winter park fl wheelers auto parts panda vans inc e 00 ns panterra coach & rv llc industrial dr . Standard Cab; Type III Ambulance, wheeled coach conversions, citi-medic, recent major engine work with all updates. Control, Power Locks, Power Windows: Both Mileage: mi.

In Triangle Trading, we outlined the factors to be considered in determining whether an actor is a dealer protected by Law 75, relying on the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico's decision in Roberco, Inc. The Roberco court reviewed the legislative history of Act 75 and the existing case law, of both Puerto Rico and the federal courts, to develop an inclusive list of factors to be weighed equally in consideration of whether a party has the requisite autonomy to be a dealer under the Act.

Inventory control at wheeled coach inc

Observing that something beyond mere contact with the product as it moves down the chain from manufacturer to supplier is necessary, the court restricted the definition of a dealer to an independent entrepreneur who has established a continuing relationship, either fixed or indeterminate, with another principal for the distribution of a product or service From this definition the court derived the following characteristics of a dealership: Triangle Trading, F.Only by driving down purchase costs and maintaining tight control of inventory can Wheeled Coach control its total costs.

With 45 competitors and orders that are usually won only after a bidding process, Wheeled Coach has no . Wheeled Coach's MRP system allowed the company to meet tight schedules, but caused inventory to rise.


Which of the following is NOT one of the four key tasks that Wheeled Coach insists are necessary for successful MRP implementation? Part of the control of inventory items at Wheeled Coach is cycle counting.

Under cycle counting, A items are counted on a very short cycle, perhaps once a month to verify transaction accuracy. B items are counted less frequently, perhaps every two months. Case study inventory control at wheeled coach ambulance. Case Study "Inventory Control at Wheeled Coach Ambulance" then write a summary of at least words using the accompanying discussion questions to guide your essay written in APA style, with a reference page and a cover.

Nov 16,  · Ferno-Washington, Inc. manufactures and distributes emergency, mortuary, and healthcare products. The company offers ambulance cots . Inventory Control at Wheeled Coach. Controlling inventory is one of Wheeled Coach’s toughest problems.

Operating according to a strategy of mass customization and responsiveness, management knows that success is dependent on tight inventory control.

Inventory Management for Wheeled Coach