Sample finance internship report

I have taken immense pride in assuming the duty as President and CEO of PTCL, which is a great opportunity for me to execute my responsibilities as a team leader. The potential of this growth is visible to me as it is about the human capital we have in the form of talented and experienced employees.

Sample finance internship report

Goals and Objectives Accounting is a highly applied discipline, an important economic management, strengthening economic management, an important means of improving economic efficiency. Economic management can not do without accounting, the more the economy becomes the more important to the development of accounting.

Through self-study, I have basically mastered the basics of the accounting profession, the basic theory, basic methods and structure of the system. To put these theories in onto practical application, I hope that I can train them in practice, test myself, acquire knowledge, and make up my shortcomings.

To integrate theory with practice, I can understand the society in practice, consolidate knowledge in practice and broaden my horizons. It is helpful to increase my knowledge and lay a good foundation for my future work. Ye in first day of early morning.

Everything to me was new. Finally, he told me our major tasks during the internship clearly, and put forward relevant requirements and expectations, encouraged everyone in the new environment seriously study and work hard, strive to be harvested during the internship.

Sample finance internship report

My main job is to check the accounting documents. Accounting documents is the most important and one of the most basic accounting information, and most wrong points are reflected in the accounting documents.

Therefore, in order to ensure audit quality and avoid audit risks, the number of random accounting documents should reach a certain proportion. Because I did no business, only to see some information sent by other companies and kept looking at vouchers and account documents. At first, I thought that checking was an easy job and meaningless.

Because it was quite dull. Every page was the same. But later, I found my idea was wrong. Ye asked me some questions about my checking papers. I felt embarrassed that I copied the wrong numbers.

If I had thought twice, I could have realized the point. Copying mechanically, I lose my mind. Ye told me that reviewing of accounting documents, first we should have to pay attention to the abstract of the certificate and person in charge of handling acceptance and signature.

If necessary, we have to compare and check the handwriting between the principal and person in charge of handling acceptance and signature so that we can found the questionable points.

Then to seriously examine if the original invoice, invoice analysis unit is consistent with the contents of claims, invoices, time and get the names, quantity, unit price, the price of payment, etc.

Third is to require auditors to have a strong expertise and proficiency in relevant policies and regulations, also need to be patient, careful, professional and full of sensitivity and judgment so that we can discover, analyze and solve the problem.

After having this lesson, I paid more attention to the accounting documents.

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These are often used in the future work. As we became familiar with the principles and methods of sample documents, we independently checked the work of the project and decided to sample the views of the signing of audit testing.

As our business contacts were relatively simple, we also participated in the reconciliation process of the balance sheet.

Sample finance internship report

The data will be integrated with the customer after the reunification of reports contrast. These were odd jobs, but I really learned a lot — many seemingly simple questions, in deed, I accumulated a lot of experience in the settlement process. Ye to a taxi company to do the audit.

This company funds were great, just a couple of hundred a taxi that had tens of millions of fixed assets, while some of the rent of urban areas had more than trivial.

It could be regarded as large enterprises. This was my first time to contact with the papers by myself, fresh and great. The first two days, in the office I saw a lot of papers, but not always got their own, and did not have much feeling.

Today I was sitting beside Mr. Ye, and he taught me at the beginning of filling in the form of cash and bank approval.

Ye got fixed assets, accounting receivable, prepaid expenses and other examination tables.Oct 30,  · Download Internship Report on PTCL PK Friday, October 30, Posted by Samina Labels: finance mba report, mba ptcl report, ptcl reports, report on ptcl PTCL is all about helping discrete manufacturers succeed by meeting their globalization, time-to-market, and operational efficiency objectives in product Samina.

conclusion After complete my industrial training, I had been exposed to an IT technician and programmer working life. Throughout my internship, I could understand more about the definition of an IT technician and programmer and prepare myself to become a responsible and innovative technician and programmer in future.

Internship Report Sample – Internship Report Format Internship report drafted by top professionals to provide guidance to students have given the few important steps in a chronological order.

While taking print out of your internship report, keep in mind that what type of paper you can use to make it look more professional and good idea is to. Words required for internship report (excluding work samples) are 9, – 11, There is no specific range of words required for work samples as it will vary from task to task.

However, these words will be in addition to the specified word limit of 9, to 11, words of internship report. recommendation to the company Firstly, I want to suggest for the Host Company. I would like to suggest for Human Resource to provide a meeting with student weekly or monthly to ensure the welfare of the students are not ignored.

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