University of helsinki master thesis

CV Our main research areas include multimodal neuroimaging using PET and fMRI in both psychiatric and neurological patients in comparison to healthy controls, neuroimaging in psychopharmacology, psychoneuroendocrinology including gender medicine, cognitive neuroscience, genetic neuroimaging and experimental neuronuclear medicine.

University of helsinki master thesis

Research topic and purpose Justifying the research topic and its significance Showing insight in the selection and definition of the topic Defining a clear research question and objective, research problem or theme Considering research ethics The research problem has not been explained or motivated clearly.

Problems with outlining or delimiting the research area. The objectives are unspecific. Well delimited topic and objectives. The topic is not very challenging. A challenging research topic, well outlined with a focus on the essential.

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The research setup is described in suitable detail. Knowledge of the research field and related theories as well as use of literature Being familiar with relevant research and literature Defining a research perspective and concepts relevant to the problem discussed Using a wide range of source literature Using source criticism and original scientific sources Analytically examining perspectives presented in the source literature and creating syntheses The work shows significant shortcomings in the knowledge of the research area.

Few sources have been used, or the sources referenced are irrelevant or sub-quality. Few or sub-quality source references.

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The work shows the writer is familiar with the research topic through background literature. The topic and literature was mainly analysed critically.

The writer shows good command of the topic. Excellent in-depth command of the topic area, based on high-end scientific source material. Discussion proving excellent understanding and critical maturity. Material, acquisition of material and analyses Selecting an appropriate method to address the research question Describing the method comprehensively strategy, information retrieval and analysis Ensuring that the material is sufficient and applicable for the research question and analysis method Describing the material Using the method critically and in an evaluative way Considering research ethics Significant shortcomings in choice of methods, data, and analysis.

The writer has mainly used good research methods and data, but the work contains some problems or inconsistencies in the choice of data and analysis.

The research methods and data are suitable for the problem, and their choice well argued. The analyses are mainly justified.

Good and well-argued use of research methods and data, clearly based on scientific method literature or scientific tradition. The methods have been analysed in depth.

Research results and reporting Addressing the research question in the results Reporting the results clearly and logically Illustrating the relationship between the images, diagrams and tables and the text Significant shortcomings in all areas of reporting the results.

The work shows that the writer has some concept of reporting research findings, but clear shortcomings in communicating them. The findings have mainly been reported in a clear and logical way.

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The use of pictures, figures, tables mostly good. The findings are reported in a clear and logical way. The use of pictures, tables and drawings supports the analysis of results.

The reporting of findings and use of pictures, tables, and drawings is well considered and apt.

university of helsinki master thesis

Examination of results discussion and conclusions Specifying the relationship between the research results and previous research Presenting new research problems Assessing the reliability of the thesis according to the research approach Considering issues of research ethics Examining the research process and results critically and thoroughly Drawing thorough, reliable and insightful conclusions Basing the conclusions on the results Conclusions and discussion are missing or very brief.

On the basis of the conclusion and discussion, however, the writer does not havea clear concept of the significance of the findings. The writer has understood the phenomena correctly and included their own input and evaluation.

The core matter has been deeply internalised, the conclusions and evaluations are clear and to the point. The discussion of findings may even show an aptitude for independent, critical, and innovative research. The writer has divided the text into logical parts, but the parts are imbalanced.

Room for improvement in language and use of source references. The language is exact. The terms have been defined.

university of helsinki master thesis

The style of presentation varies, but the disposition is clear and progresses well. Clear and well argued pictures.Visiting scientists and researchers in external training, sabbatical, parental leave Sebastian Ganger, MSc[@] Sebastian graduated at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, completing the study program Biomedical Engineering, receiving a Master .

Program The ASC Master’s Course is jointly operated by the following universities (the ASC consortium): University Alma Mater of Bologna, Italy;. The advanced module in the Master of Science degree includes a thesis (30 cr), with which students show their ability for scientific thinking, grasp of research methods, in-depth knowledge of the thesis topic, and their aptitude for scientific written communication as practiced in the scientific community.

“The idea of threshold concepts emerged from a UK national research project into the possible characteristics of strong teaching and learning environments in the disciplines for undergraduate education (Enhancing Teaching-Learning Environments in Undergraduate Courses).

Ichiro Kato First Vice-Rector and Senior Adviser to the Rector • – In memoriam. Dr. Ichiro Kato was appointed as first Vice-Rector and General Counsel of the United Nations University on 1 April , while the UNU headquarters was still being organized.

The University of Jyväskylä has issued its ruling on the master’s thesis of Laura Huhtasaari, a deputy chairperson of the Finns Party. The ruling is based on an independent external investigation, which found that the thesis violates good scientific practice to a much greater extent than previously estimated, containing both disregard .

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