Why education is important essay in urdu

Education refers to the systematic process of gaining knowledge and skills through study and instructions.

Why education is important essay in urdu

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Every time my results came the first thing my mom would look at was my marks in Urdu.

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Years passed by and the same old phase carried on questions, questions, and no answers. Then after some time of thinking and doing some research I found the right answers. I did that and came out with an ideology that gave me inner satisfaction.

Speaking about the time duration in my school was like 8 hours and in that, I had 6 subjects on daily basis.

Women Education | Importance of Women Education - Urdumania In the medieval period, long before the renaissance, people often fought mindless wars that resulted in bloodshed as they were illiterate and ignorant. Importance of education in modern times cannot be understated as it forms an integral part of our lives in following ways:
Speech on Importance of Education for Students Select Page Importance of Education Speech We have provided simple and easy speech on importance of education for the students.
Importance of Education in Pakistan – Archivist Pakistan Education is an important human activity. It was born with the birth of the human race and shall continue to function as long as the human race lives.
Why Is Education Necessary for Women? Select Page Importance of Education Essay Importance of education tells us the value of education in our life.
Essay Example On Importance Of Education In The Modern World Contact Urdu essays Anyone plz share important urdu essays topics for inspector legal exam. It features a wide range of topics, pictorial essays to stimulate.

All three sciences were then being taught in English, Islamic studies in English, Pakistan studies in English as well and English itself was one subject.

So this was only one of the many issues that existed. What about the social pressure I was into? My friends were speaking in English, my teachers then speaking and asking questions in English, so what more was there to be done than following a path that I was showed. Does this give you a sense of studying in your homeland?

Do we not know about the barriers that are causing it? Is a language other than the language of our country not causing a barrier?

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Do we say the same thing to a person who enters our country? No, because we ourselves are not speaking it on a formal basis. We are happier to do what others are comfortable with because we want to be them.

Are we as a nation forgetting the value of khudhi? A person is known by the culture he follows so is Urdu not in our culture? Is Urdu just better for identifying or unifying us?Starting with why couldn’t I write Urdu the way my mom wanted and why not speak the way she wanted?

Speaking about the time duration in my school was like 8 hours and in that, I . Regardless of the type, the purpose of education is one: to mold people into better personalities. It is very important to be educated. In fact, education is more often considered as a basic amenity for survival following food, shelter, and clothing.

Exemplification Essay Why an Education Is Important Education is the most important aspect in people’s lives.

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Education is becoming even more important than it have been in the past. There are many reasons why an education is important.

Why education is important essay in urdu

Education paves the way for many concepts that are instilled and taught in individuals at a young age. Share this post. Kedsomhed essays samaji buraiyan essay writer. Where found: The bee is found in many parts of the world such. Useful link for Urdu essay material: Regards. Intermediate part 2 Important Urdu Essays, 12th class Important Urdu Essays, 2nd year Important Urdu Essays.

Urdu language essaysEssay, Research Paper, Term Paper PDF. Importance of education for men & women is essential for bright future. Education play a vital role in the development & progress of country. Today education is very important for success. Essay on The Importance of Sex Education Words | 6 Pages.

distinguish right from wrong based on their previous knowledge. The education they receive plays a major role in the way they make decisions. Sex is a controversial topic brought up frequently throughout a child's life.

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