Women the backbone of the nation

Guest Writer Getty Images Native women on average must work an additional nine months to make what white men earn in a year. Native Women Equal Pay Day. The Equal Pay Act, signed into law inwas meant to end the gender pay gap by making it illegal for employers to discriminate against employees by paying them less based only on their gender.

Women the backbone of the nation

Women are backbone of nation, says Sachin Tendulkar

Focusing on the long, hard struggle to combat criminals, Mr Holness urged communities to work with the security forces, who all too often are asked to put their very lives on the line.

We are at one with the prime minister that this professional, positive attitude by most members of the security forces, despite hardship, is worthy of being called heroic, and it is something that will endear them to the crime-weary public.

Women the backbone of the nation

In such circumstances, the least the police and army personnel on the front line should expect from communities is full cooperation.

Sadly, as the prime minister pointed out, a long-running culture of distrust for the security forces has often made such cooperation difficult. Dr Phillips, in zeroing in on community building, pointed to the importance of volunteerism being so crucial in the drive towards Jamaican nationhood in the last century.

Real heroes and heroines, he suggested, included those who serve in community organisations and offer help to the most vulnerable.

We would do well to emulate these Jamaicans who continue to give voluntary service every day.

Women the backbone of the nation

Recognising that generosity on a purely individual or personal level could go only so far, Ms Dixon formed a charity group Bless to Bless Foundation that is now raising funds to help the elderly, send children to school, and assist those in need of health care, among much else.

Note Ms Dixon's observation of the effect of the newly formed charity in bringing focus to the lives of young people: That profound example by Ms Dixon represents the best of our Jamaican people and marks an enduring trait which will be celebrated today in the annual National Heroes' Day awards presentation ceremony at King's House.“Women are the backbone of any nation and whether it is a rural canvas or a technical arena or a seat of power – politics, her presence and participation is inevitable and unquestionable.” Says -Arti Gaur, Founder & Owner, Quinta Essentia Organic.

The 50K Coalition is a unique collaborative of more than 40 organizations focused on a bold national goal: to produce 50, diverse engineering graduates annually by CP: The Seychellois women, they are remarkable, they are courageous, intelligent, strong and determined.

The Seychellois women are the backbone of the island nation and I can add that they are superior to the man.


Women The Backbone Of The Nation THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN NATION BUILDING Tayo A. Zubair Nation Building is a process of constructing and fashioning a national identity. The choice of these key words, process, and construction and fashioning are very fundamental because they are the basic ingredients of nation building.

In her acceptance speech, Underwood told the women gathered in the room that they were the backbone of the industry. Most Read Nation & World Stories Homeless Samaritan tale raised $K.

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